Disintegration Apparatus

Disintegration Apparatus

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  • Brand: Ajanta Exports
  • Catalog No.: Aei-37
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


The test equipment work on up and down movement of tablet in medium of water kept at 37 C. Built on a M.S. Cabinet, which housed a geared motor for the vertical shaft drive the shaft moves up and down by 7.5 cms at speed of 30 per minute. On the upper end of the shaft fitted a horizontal strip with clamp on either side. These clamps hold glass vessels open at both ends and with stainless steel wire gauge with rubber rings at the lower end, which dips in water. Two interpedently thermostatically controlled not plate rating 65 watt are fixed on the top of the cabinet upon which beakers of 1000 ml size are net filled with water. Temperature is maintained at 37 C with and accuracy of 1 C. Independent switches with neon indicators for motor hot plates are fitted on a panel. Mains fuse with two meters mains cord and plug provided. Work on 220 volts A.C. mains.