Labtop Biosafety Cabinet Class II B2 LBS-32B2G

Labtop Biosafety Cabinet Class II B2 LBS-32B2G

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Product Description

LBS-32B2G is  referred as LABTOP® Bio Safety Cabinet  Type CLASS II B2  under Labtop Instruments catalogue. Bio Safety cabinets are applicable in the laboratories working with highly infectious agents. The primary function of these cabinets is to protect the laboratory workers  and surroundings from infectious agents. Main body/Outer body is made up of Stainless steel, 304, 1mm and inner body or work zone is  completely in joint less stainless steel(304, 1.0 mm).


● Type Class II B2

● Internal Dimensions (WxDxH) 90x60x60 cms(GMP Model)

● Type of Filters: HEPA Filters

● Efficieny:99.999%

● Particle retention :0.3 micron

● Cleanliness :Class 100

● Inflow velocity 0.53 ± 0.025

● Down flow Velocity. 0.33 ± 0.025

● Noise level 65 decibel

● Air System 100 % exhaust

● Blower-motor assembly Dynamically balanced

● Static pressure measurement Magnahelic Gauge

● Illumination of work surface Fluorescent tube light.

● Ultra violet tube light 1 no,3 feet, 30 Watt - PHILIPS - HOLLAND make

● Front Sash Door motorised shattered proof Glass

● Maximum opening 400 mm

● Cleanliness. Class 100

● Safe opening 200 mm

●  Base Height 635 mm

●  Other Castor wheels, MCB

●  Power Works on 230 V AC single phase 50Hz.

● Certification ISO 9001: 2008 , ISO 13485 : 2012

Optional Accessories :

● LLS-10: Electric Loop Sterilizer.

● VB-22: Virus burn out unit

● MC-100: Micro controller based controller with Graphic Display which will control the door opening, closing, timer, UV Hours meter, Life of HEPA and UV Light

● DV: Validation per day