HybridoXL Medium

HybridoXL Medium

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  • Brand: HIMEDIA
  • Catalog No.: AT191-20L
  • Quantity/Unit: 20lt/EA
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


HybridoXL Medium with L-Glutamine, Insulin and HEPES buffer Without Sodium bicarbonateis supplied by HiMedia. It is available in the form of an off-white to creamish white homogenous powder. The pH without Sodium Bicarbonate is between 5.0 -5.6 whereas the pH with Sodium Bicarbonate is between 7.3 -7.9. The osmolality without Sodium Bicarbonate is in the range of 235.00 -275.00 Osm/Kg H20 whereas the osmolality with Sodium Bicarbonate 290.00 -330.00 Osm/Kg H20. It is advisable to store this product between 2-8C.

Quantity provided: 20lt /EA

HybridoXL Medium is specially designed for propagation of hybridomas and other fastidious cell lines. It is a modified mixture of Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium and NCTC 135. When supplemented with 10

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