Nunclon Easy Flask 25cm

Nunclon Easy Flask 25cm

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Nunclon Delta surface treated EasYFlasks are 25cm2 polystyrene, sterile flasks for enhanced cell attachment, growth and differentiation. The culture area is 25 cm2 and have a working volume of 7ml. They have an angled neck, filter fitted closure and a wide opening, making it ergonomically perfect. These features allow easy access to the growth surface by pipettes and cell scrapers.

The low profile of the Nunclon EasYFlasks helps to maximize the incubator space. It has volume graduations printed and moulded on both sides. It has slightly angled side walls for complete view under microscope. The Nunclon EasYFlasks are sterilized by gamma irradiation and are certified as non-pyrogenic. It has well-defined, hydrophobic filter membrane which offers continuous venting with consistent gas exchange and nil inter-batch variation. Vent/close caps feature a Y mark that allows visual verification of vent position. Any of the legs in the Y pointing upwards indicates that the cap is in venting position. Vent position can be easily distinguished when flasks are stacked in the incubator. They are also certified for monolayer formation, cloning efficiency, non-cytotoxicity, non-pyrogenicity and sterility. They support and maximize adhesion for a broad range of cell types.