Isobutyl acetate, 98%,1lt

Isobutyl acetate, 98%,1lt

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Isobutyl acetate, 98%, supplied by Avra Synthesis, is an organic compound that appears as a clear colorless liquid with the molecular formula C6H12O2. It is utilized as:

an organic solvent

as the solvent of nitrocellulose and lacquer

as an extraction agent

as a dehydrating agent

in pharmaceutical industry, plastics industry, perfume industry, leather industry, etc


1. Name: Isobutyl acetate, 98%

2. Category: Fine chemicals

3. Brand: Avra Synthesis

4. Pack size: 1lt

5. Catalog number: ASI2049.1lt


1. CAS No: 110-19-0

2. Physical State: Liquid

3. Molecular Weight: 116.16

4. Storage: Store at +15C to +25C.

5. Boiling point: 116-117C

6. Melting point: -99C

7. Density: 0.87

8. Appearance: Clear colorless liquid

9. Purity (by GC): NLT 98.00%

10. Moisture content: NMT 0.50%

11. Miscibility: Miscible with chloroform

12. Molecular Formula: C6H12O2

13. Synonyms:

2-Methylpropyl acetate

Isobutyl ethanoate

Acetic acid, 2-methylpropyl ester

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