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LiChrospher   100 DIOL 125 X 4.0 mm 5 m

LiChrospher 100 DIOL 125 X 4.0 mm 5 m

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LiChrospher 100 DIOL is supplied by Merck

LiChrospher 100 DIOL possesses both, polar and hydrophobic properties, thus can be used as less polar alternative to LiChrospher Si 60 in normal phase application

Used as less hydrophobic alternative with some limitations to LiChrospher RP-8 in reversed phase applications.

The combination of weak hydrophobic interactions and polar interactions enables successful separations of complex samples.

LiChrospher DIOL is also suitable for exclusion chromatography.


Sorbent characteristics: Particles of silica with Diol function on c-chains

Dimensions: 125mm x 4mm

Particle shape: spherical

Particle size: 5; 10 m

Pore size: 100 (10 nm)

Pore volume 1.25 ml/g Spec.

surface area: 350 m2/g

Carbon load: 8.0 % C

Coverage of the surface: 3.87 mol/m2

Efficiency: 45 000 N/m ; 20 000 N/m

pH range: pH 2-7.5

Shipping eluent: n-Heptane

Catalogue number: 1.50826.0001

Quantity per package: 1 cartridge

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