P'fact 0.2 ml, Sub-Semi skirted, 96 well qPCR  plate

P'fact 0.2 ml, Sub-Semi skirted, 96 well qPCR plate

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Product Description

P'fact 0.2 ml, Sub-semi skirted, standard profile, 96 well qPCR plate is a product from P'fact brand. PCR, or Polymerase Chain Reaction is a very common and useful technique used in in research, forensic, industrial and diagnostic laboratories. The technique aims at creating multiple copies of particular regions of a nucleic acid with the help of a series of temperature dependent reactions. The PCR reaction mixture contains enzymes, co-factors, primers, target nucleic acids, dNTPs, etc. P'fact 0.2 ml, Sub-Semi skirted, 96 well qPCR  plate is a set of tubes which are designed to hold the PCR reaction mix for Quantitative PCR. The product has the following features:

(a) The PCR tubes are arranged in the 96-well format so that users can directly insert the plate into the Thermocycler for quantitative analysis.

(b) This PCR plate is sub-semi-skirted.

(c) The plate is treated to be free of RNases, DNases, any human DNA, endotoxins or heavy metals. Hence, users can expect minimal extraneous interference.

Product specifications:

Product name: P'fact 0.2 ml, Sub-Semi skirted, 96 well qPCR plate

Catalogue number: PF-PC-022

Volume capacity of the well: 0.2 mL


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