PUROSPHER STAR RP -18ENDCAPPED,5um, hibar rt 150X4.6MMum

PUROSPHER STAR RP -18ENDCAPPED,5um, hibar rt 150X4.6MMum

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Purospher STAR RP-18 endcapped is the most modern high-purity silica sorbent for HPLC manufactured by Merck KGaA.

It has the highest efficiency in terms of the number of theoretical plates; the ultra high purity of 99.9999 % ensures excellent peak symmetry for acidic, basic and even for chelating compounds.

Purospher STAR RP-18 endcapped columns are available in a large number of different hardware formats.

The very good all-round retention characteristics, as demonstrated by the Tanaka Test, makes Purospher STAR RP-18 endcapped a column packing material, which is truly "Easy to Choose, Easy to Use" - our recommendation as the first column of choice whenever a new HPLC method has to be developed.


Sorbent characteristics: High-purity silica gel particles with C 18 modification endcapped Metal content: Na, Ca, Mg, Al: 1 ppm; Fe: 3 ppm

Dimensions: 150mm x 4.6mm

Particle shape: spherical

Particle size: 5 m

Pore size: 120 (12 nm)

Pore volume: 1.1 ml/g Spec.

surface area: 330 m2/g

Carbon load: 17 % C

Coverage of the surface: 3 mol/m2

Efficiency: 5 m: > 90.000 N/m; 3 m: > 130.000 N/m

pH range: pH 1.5 - 10.5

Shipping eluent: Acetonitrile/Water

Catalogue number: 1.51455.0001

Quantity per package: 1 cartridge