Purospher STAR RP, C18e, 125 X 4.0 mm, 5 m, One Cartridge

Purospher STAR RP, C18e, 125 X 4.0 mm, 5 m, One Cartridge

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Purospher RP-18 is supplied by Merck

Purospher RP-18 endcapped is a versatile HPLC column producing excellent peak shapes, designed for both the separation of basic compounds with simple neutral eluents and for the elution of strongly acidic compounds.

Excellent separations in a shorter period of time with very good peak symmetry saves time and money.

The excellent balance of Purospher RP-18 endcapped in the sum of its chromatographic properties is the key to better separations of complex samples with simpler, neutral eluents.

Purospher RP-18 endcapped is based upon a high-purity, metal free silica with a complete C18 coverage of the silica surface. This enables a peak-tailing free elution of acidic, basic and chelating compounds.

The good chemical stability of Purospher RP-18 endcapped enables the use of mobile phase conditions at pH 8 for a long period of time.


Sorbent characteristics: High-purity silica particles C 18 with special modification and deactivation of the surface

Metal content: Na, Ca, Mg, Al: 1 ppm; Fe 3 ppm

Dimensions: 125mm x 4mm

Particle shape: spherical

Particle size: 5 m

Pore size: 90 (9 nm)

Pore volume: 1.05 ml/g

Spec. surface area: 480m2/g

Carbon load: 18.0 % C

Efficiency : 80.000 N/m

pH range: pH 2-8

Shipping eluent: Acetonitrile/Water

Catalogue number: 1.50168.0001

Quantity per package: 1 cartridge