4-Chlorobenzoic acid, 99%,100gm

4-Chlorobenzoic acid, 99%,100gm

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4-Chlorobenzoic acid, 99%,100gm is a product from Avra Synthesis. 4-Chlorobenzoic acid, 99%,100gm has the following properties:

Chemical name: 4-Chlorobenzoic acid, 99%,100gm


Benzoic acid, 4-chloro-

p-Chlorbenzoic acid

Chlorodracylic acid

para-Chlorobenzoic acid


CAS number: 74-11-3

Physical state: Solid

Molecular weight: 156.57 g/mol

Storage: Store at +15C to +25C

Melting point: 239-241C

Density: 1.374

R data: 22-36/37/38

S data: 26-36

Refractive index: MERCK : 13,2144

Chemical formula: C7H5ClO2

Appearance: White to Off-white solid

Solubility: Soluble in Methanol

Assay by titration: NLT 99.00%

Melting point: 239.0-241.0C

1H NMR: Conforms the structure

Moisture content: NMT 0.5%

Catalogue number: ASC1282

Quantity: 100 gm

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