RNase A Solution (20 mg/ml)

RNase A Solution (20 mg/ml)

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RNase A Solution (20 mg/ml) is supplied by HiMedia. The enzyme is obtained from bovine pancreas. It has a molecular weight of 13,700 Da. It is advisable to store this product between 2-8C.

RNase A (Ribonuclease A) is a single chain polypeptide with 4 disulfide bridges. It is an endoribonuclease that specifically cleaves single stranded RNA at C and U residues. It cleaves the phosphodiester bond between the 5'-ribose of a nucleotide and the phosphate group attached to the 3'-ribose of an adjacent pyrimidine nucleotide. The resulting 2', 3'-cyclic phosphate is hydrolyzed to the corresponding 3'-nucleoside phosphate. It is an endoribonuclease that specifically cleaves single stranded RNA. It cleaves 3' end of unpaired C and U residues. RNase A specifically cleaves single-stranded RNA at 3' phosphate linkages of pyrimidine residues leaving pyrimidine 3' phosphates and oligonucleotides with terminal pyrimidine 3' phosphates. It is used in plasmid and genomic DNA protocols to obtain RNA-free DNA. It is also used for cleaving of unhybridized regions of RNA from DNA-RNA or RNA Hybrids.

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