Cerium(III) chloride, anhydrous, 95%,25gm

Cerium(III) chloride, anhydrous, 95%,25gm

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Cerium(III) chloride, anhydrous is supplied by Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd.
Cerium(III) chloride, anhydrous is an inorganic chemical compound composed of chlorine and cerium. Cerium(III) chloride, anhydrous possess the capability of absorbing moisture from the air. In the process of polymerization of olefins cerium(III) chloride, anhydrous is used in the incandescent gas mantles.
Product Specifications:
Product name: Cerium(III) chloride, anhydrous, 95%
Catalog no.: ASC2374.25gm
Brand: Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd
Molecular formula: CeCl3
Molecular weight: 246.48
Pack Size: 25 gm
Purity (by assay): NLT 95.0%
Product Features:
Appearance: White to grey colored solid
Physical State: Powder
CAS: 7790-86-5
Melting point: 848C
Solubility: 5 % Solution in acetic acid is clear
Density: 3.92
Storage: Store the product at +15C to +25C.
Synonyms: Cerium-144 chloride; trichlorocerium; CERIUM CHLORIDE OCTAHYDRATE

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