Parafilm M-380010

Parafilm M-380010

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Product Description

Parafilm M 2 is supplied by Tarsons. It has a dimension of 2" X 250' (W X L).

• Quantity provided: 1 roll/pack

Parafilm M is a commonly used plastic parafilm film with paper backing, for sealing or protecting vessels (such as flasks or cuvettes). It is a ductile, malleable, waterproof, odorless, translucent and cohesive thermoplastic. It is also used to further seal a lidded container against moisture and air contamination for long term storage, but it is seen that Parafilm M breaks down over time on exposure to air and light and so does not serve as a long-term sealant. Since it melts at a low temperature, Parafilm M is not safe for use in an autoclave. Many organic solvents can dissolve Parafilm M. A new application of Parafilm M is to make paper-based microfluidic devices. Paper-based microfluidic devices are considered a suitable way to fabricate low-cost point-of-care diagnostics for developing countries and areas where expensive medical instrumentation is not accessible. 


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