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Alpha-amylase test kit is a product from Biogenix. This enzyme is responsible for the hydrolysis of polysaccharides like starch and glycogen. It is used as a marker for diseases like pancreatitis, stress and sympathetic nervous system activity. In industry, it is used for the production of alcohols, syrups, some detergents, etc.

This Alpha-amylase test kit is used in clinical biochemistry. The test is based on the fact that the enzyme alpha amylase hydrolyses starch and polysaccharide substrates like 2-chloro-4-nitrophenyl-a-galactosylmaltoside (GALG2-CNP). The hydrolysis gives rise to p-nitrophenol. In the test, the rate of formation of p-nitrophenol is measured spectrophotometrically at 405 nm and it is used as an indicator of the levels of alpha-amylase.

Product details:

Product name: Alpha-amylase test kit

Catalogue number: BIC005

Quantity: 10 mL

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