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Pinnacle DB C18, 1.9um, 50 x 2.1mm

Pinnacle DB C18, 1.9um, 50 x 2.1mm

  • Brand: Restek
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Pinnacle DB C18, 1.9um, 50 x 2.1mm is supplied by Restek. Pinnacle DB UHPLC columns start with base-deactivated spherical silica that is optimized for UHPLC stability. From there, it bonds with a wide variety of phases to give chromatographers a stable and selective column. Get the most out of your UHPLC system. Combine selectivity and efficiency by using Restek Pinnacle DB UHPLC columns.The general-purpose Restek C18 is a conventional monomeric octadecylsilane column suitable for analyses of a wide range of compounds from acidic through slightly basic, whichc gives perfect chromatography output.


Product Name: Pinnacle DB C18, 1.9um, 50 x 2.1mm

Stationary Phase Category: C18, octadecylsilane

Particle: 1.9 m

Column Length: 50mm

ID: 2.1mm

Ligand Type: monomeric C18


Pore Size: 140

Carbon Load: 11%

End-Cap: yes

Surface Area: 150 m2/g

pH Range: 2.5 to 8

Maximum Temperature: 80 C

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