High speed homogenizer RQ-127A/D

High speed homogenizer RQ-127A/D

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  • Brand: REMI
  • Catalog No.: RQ-127A/D
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
  • Usually Shipped in: 4-5 Weeks

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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


High speed homogenizer is supplied by the company, REMI.

This High speed homogenizeris designed for the purpose of homogenization of tissues at high speed available.This High speed homogenizeris supplied with 1/8 HP Motor & transformer speed regulator. The user is offered a choice to either select AC Drive or AC/DC Drive. It offers stepless speed regulations for continuous speed variation according to requirements.

Transformer compatible with this stirrer can also be bought here (cat no.125 S/D).

Product specifications:

  • Catalog number:RQ-127A/D
  • Brand: REMI

Product features:

  • Stirring shaft (mm): 8
  • Stirring shaft length (mm): 275
  • Impeller type: Teflon Pestle
  • Motor: AC/DC 1/8 HP
  • Speed: 300-8000rpm
  • Stirring capacity: upto 100ml

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