MICRO TIPS, 200 ul Ref-521014

MICRO TIPS, 200 ul Ref-521014

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Catalog No.: 521014

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Product Description

Micro Tips PP 200 Grad are supplied by Tarsons. They are manufactured using high purity polypropylene (PP). Key features of this product include, it is autoclavable, has superior chemical resistance and can withstand a range of temperature. These tips can be stored directly in racks which avoids dirt and dust from getting in and is convenient to use. These tips have a graduation mark which denotes the maximum capacity level.

• Quantity provided: 100 pieces/pack

Micro Tips are very simple laboratory equipment used for handling fluids. They serve the basic function of transferring certain volumes of liquids from reservoirs or microfluidic systems. Micro tips are nothing but miniaturized tips, with integrated through-going capillaries for accomplishing the aforementioned task. Plastic is the most commonly used material, to manufacture micro tips as it provides strength and durability. Various applications of micro tips include, in the fields of biomedical engineering such as for the application of drugs, or in life sciences for equipping of microarrays, wherein disposable plastic products for hygienic reasons and cost savings purposes are required or microbiology labs where cell suspensions need to be transferred.  They are ideal for any situation which calls for an accurate amount of fluid in the microliter range.