Tough Tags-500080

Tough Tags-500080

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  • Brand: TARSONS
  • Catalog No.: 500080
  • Quantity/Unit: 1000/Pack
  • Usually Shipped in: 1-2 Weeks

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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


500080 is referred as Tough Tags( Tough Spots) under Tarsons Products Pvt. Ltd. Catalogue, category Tags . 500080 Tough Tags (Tough Spots)are chemically inert polyester labels which will strongly adhere to all plastics and other material. They are temperature resistant from -40C to 121C. These labels will withstand autoclaving, boiling water baths, freezer temperatures, organic solvents, caustic agents and other challenges without peeling.


Tough Tags (Tough Spots)

Diameter: 9.5 mm

Pack size: 1000 per pack

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