Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes-ESR 3.8% Citrate, 2.0 ml

Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes-ESR 3.8% Citrate, 2.0 ml

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The Vacuum blood collection tubes (ESR 3.8% Citrate) are supplied by MB Lab Consumables who are one the leading manufacturers out there. These are sterile, disposable tubes containing a 3.8% buffered trisodium citrate solution. The mixing ratio is 1:4, so that is citrate to blood ratio. The ESR measurement is in accordance to the Westergren method. The 2ml ESR 3.8% Citrate vacuum tubes are used in blood collection and anticoagulationas well as for sedimentation rate test. The ESR tube serve as the perfect fit for Erythrocytes sedimentation rate tests.

ESR stands for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. An ESR test measures the rate at which the RBCs or the red blood cells undergo sedimentation i.e. how quickly they settle down at the bottle of the tube. ESR is said to be higher when the rate of RBC sedimentation is high. This can happen in case of an infection or inflammation.

Sodium citrate is used as anticoagulant which means that it prevents blood from clotting. Sodium citrate acts as an effective anticoagulant because of its mild calcium-chelating properties. Adding sodium citrate to blood prevents it from clotting. Sodium citrate is the preferred anticoagulant because factor V is relatively stable in citrated blood.

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