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Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes-K2EDTA 3ml

Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes-K2EDTA 3ml

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These 3 ml K2 EDTA Vacuum tube are supplied by MB Lab Consumables a leading manufacturer and supplier of the field. These vacuum tubes are 13 x 75 mm in size and have a drawing capacity of 3 ml. These 2ml K2-EDTA vacuum tubes are used for blood routing, Glycated hemoglobin, examination before transfusion like blood group identification, antibody screening and crossmatch testing. The K2-EDTA is sprayed on the wall uniformly. The EDTA and the dipotassium salt (K2), acts as an anticoagulant owing to its capacity to fix the blood calcium.

These 3 ml K2 EDTA vacuum tubes are made from high grade PET. These vacuum tubes have a lavender coloured butyl rubber cap. They are sterile and disposable making them a convenient choice. They can be used for hematological assay (CBC/DIF) as well as immunological assay. These collection tubes are able to collect whole blood sample. The unique imitated life film treatment on the inner wall of the tube is able to effectively maintain the active stability of platelets. The application of micro atomizing technology has lowered the hazard of platelet loss and blood coagulation caused by platelet adherence and gathering, and the rigorous particle pollution control technology has completely eradicated the impact on test result caused by particle pollution. These tubes have a shelf life of 24 months.

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