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Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes-PTT 3.2% Citrate

Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes-PTT 3.2% Citrate

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Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes (PTT 3.2% Citrate) are supplied by MB Lab Consumables. They are made up of glass and their dimension is 13 x 75 mm. Sodium Citrate 3.2% is added as an additive. Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes-PTT 3.2% Citrate are ideal for blood coagulation testing purposes. The outer portion of the tube consists of a transparent and unbreakable material called, PET ie (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate). The inside of the tube consists of polypropylene which prevents evaporation of the liquid. This makes it almost idwal for coagulation diagnostic processes.

The PTT are designed to be present in a 1:9 proportion of the blood sample and the anticoagulant.

The presence of sodium citrate allows for blood to be stored for a longer duration since it has low toxicity.

Sodium citrate has been use as an additive here because it is an effective anti-coagulant. It is used by blood banks and clinical laboratories. The ration of sodium citrate to blood is often 1:9. The mechanism of action here includes the citrate ions chelating the calcium ions present in the blood leading to formation of calcium citrate complexes. This leads to disruption of the entire blood clotting mechanism, allowing the blood to be carried and stored easily.

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