(WSS V100A) WSSV Detection Kit-680500051730

(WSS V100A) WSSV Detection Kit-680500051730

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Catalog No.: 680500051730

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Product Description

WSSV100A detection kit is a laboratory grade for molecular biology experiments to detect WSSV. Single Tube White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) affects the shrimp which often results into loss of shrimp farming. Traditional methods are inefficient to detect early about the WSSV infection however, PCR based detection can help in early diagnosis of condition and can prevent loses. The kit contains , following components - DNA Extraction Buffer, First PCR Pre-mix, Nested PCR Pre-mix, Taq DNA Polymerase, Negative control DNA, Positive control DNA, DNA Molecular Weight Marker (Ready to use), Gel Loading Buffer, Tissue Grinder, 1.5 ml and 0.5 ml Vials, Ethidium Bromide, Agarose, 50X TAE and an instruction manual.

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