Desiccator Plain-401010

Desiccator Plain-401010

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Catalog No.: 401010

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Product Description

401010 is referred as Desiccator Plain under Tarsons  Products Pvt. Ltd. Catalogue, category Desiccator. 401010  'Desiccator Plain  are enclosures containing desiccants for

preserving moisture sensitive products. These desiccators are

moulded in high quality plastics which is light and

easy to handle. Bottom part of the desiccators comes with

thick perforated polypropylene disc with big holes in the

middle for easy lifting. Bottom part of the desiccators is white

in colour. They can hold a vacuum of 29 inch of mercury for 24

hours without grease application.



• Desiccator Plain

• Material: Polycarbonate/ Polypropylene

• Autoclavable

• Diameter: 150mm

• Pack size: 1 per pack