Flasks, Kjeldahl, Round Bottom, Long Neck, 800 ml-5420028

Flasks, Kjeldahl, Round Bottom, Long Neck, 800 ml-5420028

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  • Brand: Borosil
  • Catalog No.: 5420028
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Case
  • Usually Shipped in: 4-7 Days

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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Flasks, Kjeldahl, Round Bottom, Long Neck, 800 ml-5420028 are supplied from Borosil. Flasks are a commonly used laboratory glassware. Laboratories use flasks for various purposes and flasks are specially designed to suit each of these needs. Flasks are used for storage of liquids, heating or cooling, distillation, mixing and dissolving solutes in solvents, etc.

The Round Bottom, Long Neck, Kjeldahl flask from Borosil is provided for performing the Kjeldahl method of estimation of nitrogen and phosphorus content in a given sample. The flask is round-bottomed and the long-neck allows users to heat samples without any fear of causing spills or splashes. The flask has the following features:

- It is made from high quality glass to ensure durability.

- These flasks have high levels of thermal, chemical and shock resistance and are hence, suited for a wide range of laboratory applications.

- The tooled neck ensures better strength. The neck of the flask ends with a tapered region to allow better stopper fit.

Product specifications:

Product name: Flasks, Kjeldahl, Round Bottom, Long Neck

Brand: Borosil

Catalogue number: 5420028

Volume capacity: 800 mL

Approximate dimensions: 113 mm * 375 mm (OD * height)

Quantity: 10 flasks per case

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