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HEXAMINE AR (hexamethylene tetramine), 5Kg, 99.5%

HEXAMINE AR (hexamethylene tetramine), 5Kg, 99.5%

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0797A 05000 is referred as HEXAMINE AR under Research Lab Fine Chem Industries catalogue.0797A 05000 HEXAMINE AR is used in synthesis of chemical compounds such as plastics, pharmaceuticals , rubber additives. additive in organic synthesis. It is also used as a hardening agent in phenolic resin moulding compound. HEXAMINE AR is a analytical reagent.
Synonym : 1,3,5,7-Tetraazatricyclo[,7)]decane; Hexamethylenetetramine; Formamine; Urotropin; HMTA; Hexaform , methanamine
White Crystalline compound
Molecular Weight: 140.19
Formula: : (CH2)6N4
Assay : Min.99.5%
Water insoluble matter <0>
Sulphated ash <0>
Chloride (Cl) <0>
Sulphate (SO4) <0>
Ammonium (NH4) <0>
Copper (Cu) <0>
Lead (Pb) <0>
Odour: Odourless.
Solubility: 1 g soluble in 1.5 ml water
Density: 1.33 @ - 5C (21F)
pH: pH (10% in water) 8.5 to 9.5
Melting Point: 280C (536F)
CAS No. : 100-97-0
Pack Size: 5kg gm. per bottle

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