HEXAMINE  (hexamethylene tetramine)

HEXAMINE (hexamethylene tetramine)

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Catalog No.: 00797 05000

CAS No: 100-97-0

Quantity/Unit: 5 Kg/Bottle

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Product Description

Hexamine (hexamethylene tetramine) is a white crystalline compound and has good solubility in both water and polar organic solvent but is insoluble in ethers. This reagent is used in the synthesis of many chemical compounds like rubber additives, pharmaceuticals and plastics. It is used as hardening agent in the production of phenolic resins and phenolic resin moulding compounds. The use of hexamethylenetetramine as a molecular building block for self-assembly molecular crystals is also proposed. It is used as a food preservative (INS number 239) in many countries, however it is not approved as a food additive in the USA, Russia, Australia, or New Zealand. This reagent is the base component in the production of explosives like RDX and C-4. In organic synthesis it is used as a reagent in Duff reaction (formalytion of arnes), the sommelet reaction (benzyl halides are converted to aldehydes) and in Delepine reaction (amines are synthesized from alkyl halides). CAS No. 100-97-0 Quantity Provided: 5 Kg/Bottle Molecular Formula: C6H12N4 Molecular Weight: 140.19 This reagent is considered toxic and may be harmful by inhalation, ingestion or skin absorption. It is an irritant of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. It sublimes in vacuum at 280 C.

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