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0798D 02500 is referred as n-HEXANE (AR) under Research Lab Fine Chem Industries catalogue0798D 025000 n-HEXANE (AR) is used in as a cleaning agent, special use solvent and in the extraction of oils. Hexane is a important constituent of gasoline. It is also a common non-polar solvent for chromatography. It is used in textiles, leather good, roofing, and as a degreasing agent. Hexane is used in soybean oil extraction and can be found as a contaminant in soybean oil. It is an analytical grade reagent.
Clear colourless liquid
Molecular Weight: 86.18
Formula: : C6H14
Liquid, d. 0.659
Assay :Min. 99%
Boiling point : 50 to 70 C
CAS No. : 110-54-3
Pack Size:2.5 L per bottle

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