SPINIX-TM Multiwell Plate Shaker-3400

SPINIX-TM Multiwell Plate Shaker-3400

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Product Description

SPINIX Multiwell Plate Shaker is supplied by Tarsons.It is equipped with separate Digital LED displays for RPM and Timer. This Shaker is ideal for 96 well plates. Permissible Ambient Temperature of 5-40°C, hence, these units can be used in Cold Rooms or inside Incubators within this temperature range. It is  ideal for molecular biology applications, mechanical and chemical cell lysis, mixing tissue samples, mixing cytogenetic suspensions, and vortexing cell suspensions. SPINIX Multiwell Plate Shaker  can be used only with an even number of plates. Timer can be set max 99 Hours 59 minutes, or in Continuous Mode.