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Thermo Scientific Nunc cell culture products have been used by researchers worldwide for more than 50 years.Thermo scientific has acquired Nunc.They are now manufacturing bioprocessing containers that include roller bottles,multi layer cell culture systems, cell culture plastics,1536 well micro plates, 384 well micro latest dishes,flasks,storage plates,plate sealers, lab ware and accessories for ELISA,PCR such as tubes,plates and accessories etc.



Brand: Nunc

Catalog No.: 170920

Quantity/Unit: 50 pieces/Case

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Brand: Nunc

Catalog No.: 374080

Quantity/Unit: 960/case

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Brand: Nunc

Catalog No.: 170353N

Quantity/Unit: 1000 pieces/Case

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Brand: Nunc

Catalog No.: 366656

Quantity/Unit: 2000/case

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Brand: Nunc

Catalog No.: 1060-20

Quantity/Unit: 20/case