50ml DGA TOSIN Glass Syringe

50ml DGA TOSIN Glass Syringe

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  • Catalog No.: 09-13-02-08
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


High grade 50ml DGA TOSIN Glass Syringe is supplied by BioSpan. Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is the study of dissolved gases in transformer oil. Different gases are generated from different types of faults, and the chemical analysis of these gases provides diagnostic information about the condition of the transformer. This requires sampling the oil and sending the sample to a laboratory for analysis. Oil syringes are one of the ways of obtaining an oil sample from a transformer. A large range of volumes are available but these can be commonly found in the 50ml range. The quality and cleanliness of the syringe is important as it maintains the integrity of the sample before the analysis.

Quantity provided: 1/pack

DGA syringes are designed in such a way so as to create a custom fit, between the barrel and plunger so that they are tightly attached. Glass Syringes, Nylon Valve, Side Plugs, Tygon tubing and a Foam Padded Syringe Carrying Cases are used for collecting oil samples from the power transformer.

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