Adapter Swan Neck 14/23 , 19/26 WITH SCREW THREAD

Adapter Swan Neck 14/23 , 19/26 WITH SCREW THREAD

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  • Brand: Biohall
  • Catalog No.: BLS.I.248
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Product name: Adapter Swan Neck 14/23 , 19/26 WITH SCREW THREAD

Supplied by: Biohall

SWAN NECK 14/23 , 19/26 WITH SCREW THREAD. With screw thread for a thermometer or to have a rubber hose

Catalogue number: BLS.I.248

Biohall makes all its Products from tubing of ASTM E-438 TYPE I, CLASS A BORO 3.3 GLASS.

The automated and semi automated machines are used to produce the products as per the technical drawings made according to international standards.

Dimensional checks are performed by the QC departments for their adherence to the defined standards.

Each piece produced is checked for the stresses which might cause the cracking of the glasses and also for scrathes which might happen while handling at each step for producing glass quality.

Every single piece produced is essentially checked for the wall thickness to determine the strength and ensure adherence to standards set as per DIN/ASTM/ISO.

The Joints are tested for their fitness as per their taper of cones and sockets to ensure highest level fitness and ensure no leaks. Vaccum tests are performed subsequent to the fitness checks to ensure absolutely no leaks.

The Glassware is checked for the print quality at two stages first before putting in the furnance and after taking out of furnance, this ensure no product with defective print reaches the market.

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