AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometers

AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometers


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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


AQUIOS CL Overview

The AQUIOS CL is the first true Load & Go flow cytometer, combining sample preparation and analysis in one platform while optimizing the usage of limited laboratory space. With the intuitive technology that requires less training it increases productivity while reducing error-prone steps.

  • Improve handling of potentially biohazardous sample material through cap piercing
  • Increase productivity with high-throughput performance
  • Enable full traceability through barcoded reagents and LIS connectivity
  • Benefit from a Windows 10 operating system

Load and Go Simplicity

AQUIOS CL in your lab means you can

Provide a 24/7 flow cytometry service

as the AQUIOS CL can be run safely by less experienced operators.

Increase productivity

with high-throughput performance that eliminates many of the least efficient features of existing systems.

Minimize the potential for user error

inherent in existing systems that require numerous manual steps to set up and run.

Allocate staff resources for maximum productivity,

putting your skilled operators where you need them most.

Minimize exposure to potentially biohazardous material

such as open blood tubes.