CREATININE KIT- Fixed Time Kinetic-CRT-50

CREATININE KIT- Fixed Time Kinetic-CRT-50



Fixed Time Kinetic -CREATININE KIT, is supplied by BHAT BIO-TECH. The reagent kit is intended for the in vitro quantitaive determination of Creatinine in Serum and Urine. Creatinine is excreted as a waste product by the kidneys. Increased serum creatinine levels usually indicate impairment of renal function. Creatinine appears in the glomeruler filtrate and it is not reabsorbed by the tubule. Hence any condition that reduces the glomeruler filteration rate will result in increase of creatinine concentration in plasma. Modified Jaffe's method is used for determination of creatinine.In this method Picric acid in an alkaline medium reacts with creatinine to form an orange coloured complex with the alkaline picrate. Intensity of the colour formed is directly proportional to the amount of creatinine present in the sample. Reagent R1 & R2 are stable at R.T. & S1 standard at 2-8 C upto the expiry date mentioned on the label.

Pack Size : 2x50ml

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