DIRECT BILIRUBIN -Modified Jendrassik & Grof Method-BIL-50

DIRECT BILIRUBIN -Modified Jendrassik & Grof Method-BIL-50



DIRECT BILIRUBIN kit (Modified Jendrassik & Grof Method), is supplied by BHAT BIO-TECH. It contains diagnostic reagent for quantitative in vitro determination of direct and total bilirubin in human serum or plasma on photometric systems. It measures the total and direct bilirubin within serum, plasma, urine, cell lysates, or tissue lysate samples. Bilirubin reacts with diazotized sulphanilic acid to form an azocompound the colour of which is measured at 546 nm (530 - 560 nm) and is proportional to the concentration of Bilirubin. For Total Bilirubin the reaction is accelerated by caffeine reagent. The readings for total bilirubin are taken after 5 mins. incubation & the readings for direct Bilirubin are taken after 3 mins. Incubation. All the reagents in the kit are stable at 2-8 C until expiry date stated on the labels.

Pack Size : 2x50ml.

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