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HiPurA Yeast RNA Purification Kit

HiPurA Yeast RNA Purification Kit

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  • Catalog No.: MB611-250PR
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HiPurA Yeast RNA Purification Kit is supplied by HiMedia. HiPurA Yeast RNA Purification Kit provide a fast and easy method for purification of total RNA for Northern analysis, Poly A+ RNA selection, Primer extension, RNase and S1 nuclease protection assays, RT-PCR, Differential display, Expression-array and expression-chip analysis and cDNA library construction. The RNA purification procedure using the miniprep spin columns comprises of three steps viz, adsorption of RNA to the membrane, removal of residual contaminants and elution of pure RNA. HiMedias HiElute Miniprep Spin column allows rapid processing of multiple samples. The columns have a high binding capacity and high-quality RNA can be obtained from various species. The RNA obtained is compatible with various downstream applications as mentioned above. This kit contains:

RNA Lysis Solution (HRL)

Prewash Solution (RW1)

Wash Solution Concentrate (WS)

Elution Solution (RNase- Free Water)

HiElute Miniprep Spin Column (Capped)


Collection Tube (Uncapped), Polypropylene (2.0 ml)

Collection Tube, Polypropylene (2.0 ml)

This kit makes isolation of yeast RNA simple, by using spin-column procedure. The lysis buffer provided, helps in cell disruption and denaturation. The samples can be centrifuged through a HiShredder which removes insoluble material and reduces the viscosity of the lysate by disrupting viscous material. Ethanol is added to the cleared lysate, which promotes selective binding of RNA to the HiElute Miniprep Spin Column (Capped) membrane. After the initial binding of RNA, impurities like proteins, polysaccharides, low molecular weight metabolites and salts are removed by short washing steps. High quality RNA is finally eluted in the Elution Solution provided with the kit. This kit yields up to 90 g of total RNA from 30 million yeast cells.

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