Gel Extraction Teaching kit (membrane based)

Gel Extraction Teaching kit (membrane based)

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Gel extraction teaching kit is laboratory grade kit for molecular biology experiments. Isolation and cleaning the fragment of interest from the agarose gel is one of the key steps involved in cloning. Various techniques are employed to purify DNA from agarose gel. Gel extraction Teaching Kit involves the use of specially formulated glass powder that binds single and double-stranded DNA without binding contaminants. Students will purify the DNA fragments of different sizes, run on agarose gel.The materials provided in the kit includes Marker (Ready to use), Silica, Sodium Iodide Solution, Wash Buffer, 1X TE, Agarose, Gel Loading Buffer, 50X TAE, 1.5 ml Vials, and Instruction Manual. The kit contains sufficient reagents for performing 5 experiments.

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