Bacterial transposons teaching kit 5 exps

Bacterial transposons teaching kit 5 exps

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  • Quantity/Unit: 5 experiments/Kit
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Bacterial Transposons teaching kit is laboratory grade kit for teaching molecular biology experiments. Transposons are small DNA sequences which can jump from one place to another through the process of transposition. During this process it sometimes results into certain mutations and change in DNA. Transposon are also known as Jumping genes or mobile genetic genes as they can move across. The kit provides materials sufficient for 5 experiments: Lyophilized Strain A (Lyophilised Vial), Lyophilized Strain B (Lyophilised Vial), Ampicillin, Chloramphenicol, Streptomycin, LB Broth, Agar, Lysis Buffers and an Instruction Manual.

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