Neuation Four Microplate Shaker 200 to 1200 RPM

Neuation Four Microplate Shaker 200 to 1200 RPM

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Product Description

Having just stirrers and tube rotators isnt enough for most molecular biology and biological labs as they often have to work with micro-titer plates for different tests such as ELISA, western blotting etc. For this a microplate shaker is needed and Neuation has paid heed to that necessity and introduced a range of products including this Microplate Shaker 1200 RPM.

As the name suggests,Microplate Shaker 1200 RPM is a Brushless DC Motor run equipment having a variable speed 200 - 1200 rpm. This 3mm Orbital Diameter Machine has the provision of using 4 microtiter plates at the same time and all kinds of microplates can be loaded here. The instrument has a programmable pulse mode which has clockwise and anticlockwise movement of mixing which has can be programmed for a duration of 30-99 secs. It can save and run previous program logs and also has a remote operation motion. Theres another additional support feature to hold the plates, an O-shaped rubber ring having a firm grip on the plates. Each of the 4 plates have 384 wells each of which can hold 60 microlitres of solution, making it perfect for standard micro-titer protocols. All these features makes Microplate Shaker 1200 RPM the ultimate equipment to be used in a bio-lab.