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OmniaLab ED+ Lab Water Purifier Series

OmniaLab ED+ Lab Water Purifier Series

  • Brand: TKA
  • Catalog No.: OmniaLab ED+
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 Ea/Pack
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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


OmniaLabED+ - The big one.

For H2O pure types I + II.

OmniaLab ED + is the system of choice when both pure and ultrapure water is needed for the complete laboratory supply. The system meets international water standards such as ASTM, ISO 3696, CLRW (CLSI) and is economically maximized by combining with continuously self-regenerating electrodeionization without sacrificing demanding analytic applications. In addition, the OmniaLab ED + system holds 100 liters of pure water type II in a storage tank with quality recirculation ready for collection. OmniaLabED +is the obvious choice for the supply of autoclaves or laboratory glassware washers and the removal ofultrapure water type I for analytical and life sciences applications.


OptiFill Dispenser as standard

Continuous desalination by means of electro-deionization

100 l tank with recirculation and pressure output Tank to connect to external instrument such as Omniapure system

Volume display in percent Tank with fully programmable tank full, empty limits

Easy and economical filter replacement

Leakage sensor as standard

Microbial purity is ensured by interval recirculation and/or UV in the system.

Install as tower unit or under-table option

Type ASTM I dispense @ 2 l/min

Type ASTM II generation rate up to 70 l/h

Standard 100 litre storage tank for ASTM II pure water. Extra

100 ltr tank can be connected in parallel

Unique non contacting level sensor helps keep water clean and fresh