OmniaPure Lab Water Purifier for Ultrapure Water

OmniaPure Lab Water Purifier for Ultrapure Water

  • Brand: TKA
  • Catalog No.: OmniaPure
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


OmniaPure - The specialist

For H2O pure type I.

If ultrapure water of the highest quality is required for analytical and life sciences applications in the laboratory, the OmniaPure system is recommended. An integrated pre-treatment unit always ensures reliable analysis results and reduces running costs. OmniaPure system provides all the comfort of generating highest quality water for various applications such as trace element analysis by AAS, ICP, ICPMS, IC. OmniaPure system has several variants which enable the system to generate water for HPLC, LCMSMS and other high applications.

Furthermore the system can be installed on the table, below the table with dispenser on the table or on wall. In short the suitable variant can be selected to suit the laboratory space available.

  • An ultrapure water system designed for highest water quality requirements for analytical use in mid to large volumes per day.
  • This system is simple, all-in-one. It has Pretreatment, Ultrapure, extra-large Dual wavelength UV with 185 & 254nm, Ultrafiltration and final 0.2m end filter on the flexible dispenser
  • Three conductivity, temperature sensors monitor water quality at various points in the system flow path.
  • Volume dispensing for fairly accurate dispensing of required volume of water
  • Conductivity cells and temperature sensors are certified by using NIST standards and NABL traceable labs
  • The system measures TOC (Total Organic Carbon) and displays on real time basis.
  • OmniaTap system is CE certified and can work on variable mains voltage ranging from 100V to 240V AC.


  • OptiFill dispenser as standard
  • Real-time TOC monitoring
  • Simple and economical filter replacement
  • Leakage sensor as standard
  • Integrated pressure reducer as standard
  • Precise volumetric dispensing with several user selectable steps
  • Ready-to-use, ready for connection incl. filter cartridges

Product water specifications:

  • Conductivity: 0.055S/cm
  • TOC: 1 5 ppb
  • 0.2m particles: No particles > 0.2m
  • Bacteria : < 0>
  • RNASE : < 1pg>
  • DNASE: < 5pg>
  • PROTEASE: < 0>
  • Type I Water dispense rate: upto 2ltr/min
  • Typical applications include: AAS, ICP, ICPMS, LCMSMS, HPLC, Mol Bio, Microbiology, IVF, PCR, etc.

Feedwater Specifications:

  • Pure water: < 100>
  • SDI : < 1>
  • Source : Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, EDI or from TKA, OmniaLab series systems