TOTAL PROTEIN kit (Modified BIURET Method) is supplied by BHAT BIO-TECH. The reagent kit is intended for in vitro quantitative determination of Total Protein in serum/plasma. Proteins are constituents of muscle, enzymes, harmones and several other key functional and structural entities in the body. They are involved in the maintenance of the normal distribution of water between blood and the tissues. Consisting mainly of albumin and globulin in the fractions vary independently and widely in diseases. Increased levels are found mainly in dehydration. Decreased levels are found mainly in malnutrition, impaired synthesis, protein losses as in hemorrhage or excessive protein catabolism.In modified biuret method, Proteins, in an alkaline medium, bind with the cupric ions present in the biuret reagent to form a blue-violet coloured complex. The intensity of the colour formed is directly proportional to the amount of proteins present in the sample. Biuret reagent is stable at R.T. & Total protein standard is stable at 2-8 C upto the expiry date mentioned on the label.

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