Ultrapure water system HALIOS 12 with external tank

Ultrapure water system HALIOS 12 with external tank

  • Brand: NEPTEC
  • Catalog No.: HALIOS 12
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 Ea/Pack
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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


The HALIOS 12 lab water series is modular designed and canbe connected directly to tap water. With an external 30l tankand a production rate of 12l/h it provides a high flexibility toadapt to your specific needs. Each system meets and exceeds ASTM type 1 and 2 standards. An integrated pretreatment cartridge guarantees a long durability of the RO membrane and the following purification cartridges as wellas a constant ideal ultrapure water quality for reproducible
results of analysis. Interact only with your external tabletop dispenser. The compact production unit can be easilyintegrated in the lab environment.


  • Reliable ultrapure water quality - ASTM type 1+ and 2
  • External dispenserdetachable and ergonomically shapedrotatable and vertically adjustable
  • Pre-treatment cartridge for a direct connection to tap water.
  • Simple and economical change of the consumables
  • Large and intuitive touchscreen
  • Leak water detector
  • Pressure reduce
  • Data capture via USB
  • Accurate, adjustable volume dispensing
  • Dry-run protection
  • External 30l tank with complete recirculation ensures the highest microbial purity


  • UV-unit (185|254nm) for the ultimate microbiological purity and TOC reduction
  • Flushed and integrated ultrafiltration module for the retention of pyrogens, endotoxins, proteins and nucleases (DNases and RNases)
  • Up to 4 external dispensers can be connected to one production unit
  • EDI module for residual desalination for a continuous quality improvement and lower running
  • Real-time TOC monitor for the continuous TOC measurement of the organic compound acc. to

User interface

  • Large and intuitive touchscreen on a separate dispensor
  • Stored dispensing reports with all information ensure an absolutetraceability of the water dispensed
  • Individual adjustment for displaying the conductivity(Mcm or S/cm)
  • Multilevel conductivity and temperature monitoring for pure andultrapure water, temperature compensated with steplesslimit adjustments
  • High-precision measuring with integrated reference resistors as well as de-activatabletemperature compensation acc. to USP
  • Leakage monitor with error message and automatic shut-off of the feed water supply
  • Continuous surveillance of all relevant parameters and values incl. early reminders when a
    change of consumables is pending
  • GLP-compliant data storage via USB