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Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes-Sodium Fluoride 2ml

Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes-Sodium Fluoride 2ml

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The Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes (Sodium Fluoride 2ml) are manufactured by the leading manufacturers of the field, MB Lab Consumables. These 3ml Fluoride Vacuum tubes are sterile and disposable in nature. These tubes are used throughout clinics, labs and hospitals. These 2ml Fluoride tubes are used to perform blood collection for tests related to sugar hemolysis, blood sugar, Erythrocyte electrophoresis. These collection tubes are made from PET which is Polyethylene terephthalate. The Vacuum tubes owe their superior and durable quality to PET.

In these 2ml vacuum tubes, sodium fluoride acts as an anticoagulant and prevents blood from clotting.

Sodium Fluoride is used as an anticoagulant when blood is being tested for determining glucose levels. Even though sodium fluoride is a weak anticoagulant, it is used as a principle anticoagulant. It is effective at a concentration of 2mg/ml blood. It inhibits the enzyme enolase (sodium fluoride) thus inhibiting glycolysis.

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