TRUTH Gas Tight Syringe Terminations Luer Tip, 5 ML

TRUTH Gas Tight Syringe Terminations Luer Tip, 5 ML

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Syringes are used routinely in chromatography for several purposes. In liquid chromatography, syringes are used in the same manner as a pipette is. It is essentially a liquid transferring device. Whereas, in the case of gas chromatography, the syringe forms a part of the inlet during the injection of a sample. Here the gaseous or liquid sample begins to enter the column as soon as the syringe enters the inlet. The syringes manufactured under the brand Truth, is designed to accommodate both liquid and gaseous sample handling. these gas-tight syringes have a PTFE plunger, which operates on a precision machinery. To ensure the complete removal of the sample from the barrel, a tight-fitting tip is installed in the syringe. This wipes the barrel clean of the sample. This fitting also prevents plunger freezing. Plunger freezing may be caused in the case of heterogenous sample, particles of which, may deposit and hamper the plunger movement. This syringe has a capacity of 5 mL.