Ethyl vinyl ether, 98%,100ml

Ethyl vinyl ether, 98%,100ml

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Brand: Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd.

Catalog No.: ASE2520.100ml

CAS No: 109-92-2

Quantity/Unit: 100ml/Bottle

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Product Description

Ethyl vinyl ether, 98%, supplied by Avra Synthesis, is an organic compound that is an anaesthetic drug for all operative processes for all age limits not requiring muscle relaxation or the utilization of the cautery. It is also utilized as a suitable and safe analgesic agent.



1. Name: Ethyl vinyl ether, 98%

2. Category: Speciality Chemicals

3. Brand: Avra Synthesis

4. Pack size: 100ml

5. Catalog number: ASE2520.100ml



1. CAS No: 109-92-2

2. Physical State: Liquid 

3. Molecular Weight: 72.11 

4. Storage: Store at 2 - 8°C

5. Boiling point: 33 °C 

6. Melting point: -116 °C 

7. Density: 0.753

8. Description: Clear colorless liquid.

9. Solubility: Miscible with Dichloromethane.

10. Specific gravity at 25°C: 0.752-0.756

11. Purity by GC (area %): NLT 98.00%

12. Molecular Formula: C4H8O

13. Synonyms: 

• Ethoxyethene

• Ethoxyethylene