10X TE Buffer, pH 8.0-ML012-100ML

10X TE Buffer, pH 8.0-ML012-100ML

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Product Description

10X TE Buffer, pH 8.0 is supplied by HiMedia. TE buffer, also called "T ten E one buffer", is composed of Tris, a buffering agent and EDTA, a chelating agent. EDTA prevents the degradation of DNA and RNA by chelating divalent metal ions which are required for nuclease activity. The Tris buffering agent and EDTA metal chelating properties help protect DNA and RNA. Based on nuclease studies the pH should be adjusted to 7.5 for RNA and 8.0 for DNA as the respective DNA and RNA nucleases are supposed to be less active at these pH values, but pH 8.0 can be used for storage of both DNA and RNA.

10X TE Buffer is an extensively used buffer in Molecular Biology. Main application includes protection of DNA and RNA from degradation. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided. Moreover, Tris-EDTA buffer disrupts protein cross-links and therefore is useful in unmasking antigens and epitopes in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue sections. This buffer is also used in immuno-histochemical detection of some proteins as it enhances the staining intensity of antibodies.