Minimum Essential Medium Eagle (MEM) w/ Earles salts, NEAA and L-Glutamine w/o NaHCO3

Minimum Essential Medium Eagle (MEM) w/ Earles salts, NEAA and L-Glutamine w/o NaHCO3

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Product Description

Minimum Essential Medium Eagle (MEM) With Earle's salts, L-Glutamine and NEAA Without Sodium bicarbonate is supplied by HiMedia. It is available in the form of an off-white to creamish white homogenous powder. The pH without Sodium Bicarbonate is between 5.0 -5.6 whereas the pH with Sodium Bicarbonate is between 7.3 -7.9. The osmolality without Sodium Bicarbonate is in the range of 235.00 -275.00 Osm/Kg H20 whereas the osmolality with Sodium Bicarbonate 290.00 -330.00 Osm/Kg H20. It is advisable to store this product between 2-8⁰C. Media composition (in mg/L) is as follows: 

• Calcium chloride dihydrate (265.00) 

• Magnesium sulphate anhydrous (97.72)

• Potassium chloride (400.00) 

• Sodium chloride (6800.00)

• Sodium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous (122.00)

• Amino acids

• Choline chloride (1.00)

• D-Ca-Pantothenate (1.00)

• Folic acid (1.00)

• Nicotinamide (1.00)

• Pyridoxal hydrochloride (1.00)

• Riboflavin (0.10)

• Thiamine hydrochloride (1.00)

• i-Inositol (2.00)

• D-Glucose (1000.00)

• Phenol red sodium salt (11.00)

Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) is a modification of Basal Medium Eagle (BME). Developed by Harry Eagle, it was designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of certain subtypes of Hela cells and normal mammalian fibroblasts. MEM includes higher concentration of amino acids so as to closely approximate the protein composition of cultured mammalian cells. MEM can be used either with Earle's salts or Hank's salts and can also be additionally supplemented with non-essential amino acids (NEAA). This medium can be further modified by eliminating calcium to facilitate growth of cells in suspension cultures. 


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