2-Acetylpyridine, 98%,25gm

2-Acetylpyridine, 98%,25gm

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Product description:

2-Acetylpyridine, 98%,25gm is a Fine chemical. It is supplied by Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd. It is an organic compound. It is mainly used in laboratories for the synthesis of other chemicals. It is used for the synthesis of a pH sensitive fluorescent probe and singlet oxygen detecting probes. It is used in the preparation of biological ligands and active metal complexes. It is used in food industry as a flavourinf agent. At Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd., we have developed 2-Acetylpyridine, 98% to ease your day-to-day challenges. It is manufactured and packed under a closed, controlled and an inert environment to prevent contamination, which offers you better stability, minimal interference during analysis and high level of accuracy in your analytical results.

Product features :

Appearance : Colourless to pale yellow coloured liquid

Solubility : Miscible with chloroform

Moisture content by KF (% w/w): NMT 0.5%

Identification by 1H NMR: The 1HNMR spectrum of sample should match with that compound structure

Storage : Store at room temperature

Boiling point : 188-189 degree C

Density : 1.082

Synonym : Methyl 2-pyridyl ketone

Product specifications :

Product name: 2-Acetyl-pyridine, 98%

Brand name :Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd.

Catlog number :ASA1017.25gm

CAS Number: 1122-62-9

Molecular weight: 121.14 g/mol

Molecular formula: C7H7NO

Purity (by GC): NLT 98.00%

Quantity : 25 gm

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