Synta T4 DNA-ligase, 20000 units/ml

Synta T4 DNA-ligase, 20000 units/ml

₹ 9,000.00 *
  • Brand: SynGen
  • Catalog No.: ES00011
  • Quantity/Unit: 20000 units/Pack


Synta T4 DNA Ligase catalyzes the formation of phosphodiester bonds between the 5'-phosphate and 3'-hydroxyl terminal groups in duplex DNA or RNA. The enzyme join both sticky and blunt ends and can repair single stranded nicks in duplex DNA, as well as in RNA, or DNA/RNA hybrids. Isolated from Escherichia coli expressing the bacteriophage T4 DNA ligase gene.Conditions for the ligation reaction: 10-20 minutes at 16C, 100-400 units of T4 DNA ligase. Require ATP as a cofactor.

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