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Fluidz Explorations

Fluidz Explorations was established in 2017. It is a manufacturer of di water, deionised water, and dm water. These products are routinely used in laboratories for preparation of reagents, dissolution of powdered analytes, washing etc. Different laboratory purposes require the use of water of varying purity grade. Different types of laboratory grade water are available in varying volumes and containers. Apart from this, Fluidz Explorations also provides DI water plants, Deionized Water Systems, Distilled Water machines and DM water storage tanks to ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply of water for daily use in laboratories. The company provides solar water heaters to ensure eco-friendly heating. BioMall helps a customer to easily browse through the products manufactured by Fluidz Explorations and select the product best suited to their laboratory water needs.


₹ 590.00

Brand: Fluidz Explorations

Catalog No.: FDW-03

Quantity/Unit: 2 X 5 L/Box

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Brand: Fluidz Explorations

Catalog No.: FDW-01

Quantity/Unit: 4 X 5 L/Box

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Brand: Fluidz Explorations

Catalog No.: FDW-02

Quantity/Unit: 1 X 5 L/Box

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